If you've been searching for a DCIM solution that addresses your entire infrastructure, from the utility all the way to the virtual server, you've come to the right place. Isn't it time that you thought about changing the way you manage your data center?

RaMP solves the issue of inaccurate capacity planning data by monitoring power to determine the actual power usage at the device, rack and data center levels. When power readings aren’t available at the device level, RaMP’s power algorithms provide accurate power estimations. RaMP allows you to choose between real-time, measured, or modeled data.

RaMP eliminates the manual data entry of asset information by retrieving and correlating the detailed configuration data directly from the asset itself. Rather than just collecting “readily visible” data, RaMP collects detailed configuration information for both IT and Facilities equipment.

Most companies are affected by data center outages at some point. The active use of a DCIM solution can dramatically reduce the average time of the outage, which can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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What do you want to manage, the IT side or the Facilities side of the data center? Like the Ford commercial says, “And is better”. RaMP is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution which can help you manage your data center from the virtual machine to IT (servers, network, storage) to Facilities (power, cooling, environmentals).

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