No Limits Software Announces Version 2.1 of RaMP Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solution

No Limits Software announces the release and immediate availability of RaMP version 2.1. The latest version includes new support for PDUs, in-row cooling and network attached storage as well as enhanced functionality for the visual data center editor, enhanced notifications with change alerting, and tracking of warranties, service contracts, leases and asset end of life.

RaMP provides automated asset and change management, real-time monitoring, capacity planning and energy management.

“Our customers are our best designers,” said Dave Cole, president of No Limits Software. “They’ve always got great ideas on improving the solution and we’re committed to making sure that RaMP meets their needs.”

RaMP eliminates manual data entry of IT assets by retrieving the detailed configuration data directly from the asset. RaMP utilizes multiple communication protocols to gather and correlate the data. RaMP collects detailed asset configuration information to reduce the cost, time and inaccuracy of manually-entered data.

RaMP’s automated change management greatly reduces the time required to diagnose the cause of system outages. Studies have found that as many as 80% of outages are due to a change and that 80% of the mean time to repair is trying to determine what changed. By reviewing RaMP’s automated change log, problem managers can recommend a fix to the problem over 80% of the time, with a first fix rate of over 90%. RaMP v2.1 will alert you to changes made in the data center, including changes made without authorization.

New RaMP v2.1 features include the following:

– Support for PDUs with detailed information down to the panel schedule
– Support for in-row cooling
– Support for network attached storage
– Enhanced data center visual editor with support for rack hot and cold aisle containment
– Tracking of warranties, service contracts, leases and asset end of life
– Enhanced notification to alert you to changes made in the data center

In addition to the new functionality, the RaMP team continues to increase the number of supported manufacturers and devices.